5 Benefits of Joining an Emerging Brand Franchise

When many people think of franchise opportunities, they think of huge, mega-brands. Another way to franchise for even greater success can be through an emerging franchise. Aspiring business owners should consider opening an emerging franchise. An emerging (growing, but not yet a household name) franchise offers many golden opportunities and huge advantages over a (typically expensive to get into) big-name franchise.

Choose an Emerging Franchise

Thinking outside the box has given many business owners a launch pad to success. When you consider franchise opportunities with a supportive, growing (yet firmly established) brand, you can reap these rewards and more.

Small franchise advantages include:

Opportunity to profit as the brand grows

When getting in on the ground floor, if your chosen franchise becomes the next big hit, like franchise success stories Taco Bell or 7-Eleven, you’ll be a veteran. Your wise early investment may mean you own multiple franchises of your now-famous brand and enjoy a terrific franchise ROI (return on your investment).

Control and input

Additionally, the emerging franchisors leading the franchise brand are more likely to listen. Your input will be more appreciated and more likely to make desired operating changes happen, if needed. When early franchise brands listn from their franchisees they are more likely to succeed.

Territory availability

Also, most larger brands have limited territory availability. With an emerging brand you have more opportunities for multi-unit deals, area development deals, and even master franchise opportunities. With A Place at Home their territories are all open they just want great owners. Great owners deserve large territories.

The ease of market adaptability

With technology and markets always evolving markets can change in an instant. Blockbuster to Netflix, Taxi’s to Uber, Gordman’s to Amazon and more. Being with a larger brand can equal a “Semi’s turn” to adapting to change or simply not changing and being left in the dust. With an emerging brand the flexibility to make a system wide adaptation can be huge in making the brand’s market position that much stronger.

Strong support for franchisees/owners

Lastly, a smaller, less well-known franchise brand will aim to give you more franchise training and personal attention as a new owner. They will literally be more invested in your success—and it’s in their interest to help you. Hear what Grace and George had to say in Denver.

Own a Rewarding Franchise in an exploding Senior Care market

In conclusion, senior care and home care needs are growing enormously with our aging population. Consider a growing, caring franchise where you make a difference in your local area–and become part of a strong owner community. A Place at Home is poised for success in one of the fastest-growing markets in the world – Senior Care. Contact A Place at Home for franchise opportunities today and  receive your introduction packet.

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