How to Get Your Home Health Care Business License in 7 Steps

Why Senior Care Franchises Are One of the Fastest Growing Franchises

Franchises focused on seniors provide essential services to an aging population while also providing a rewarding business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in their communities. Choosing to invest in one of the fastest-growing franchises is a profitable move. See why senior care franchises are among the top booming franchise industries. Growing … Read more

Franchise Royalty Fees: Are They Negotiable?

Learn everything you need to know about franchise royalty fees and where the money goes. Depending on the franchise, sometimes franchise royalty fees can be negotiable. What Are Franchise Royalty Fees? Simply put, they’re a percentage of your revenue that you pay to the franchisor in exchange for the right to use their brand name, … Read more

Home Care Marketing

8 Home Care Marketing Ideas To Get More Clients

A successful business doesn’t rely solely on a single marketing method. Instead, they incorporate online and offline avenues to bring in new clients. Learn how to get more home care leads with these effective home care marketing ideas as part of your offline and online marketing strategy. 1. Digital Marketing This marketing idea incorporates several … Read more

Non-medical home care business profits

What Makes Non-Medical Home Care Businesses Profitable?

Starting or owning a non-medical home care business is a lucrative opportunity with massive growth potential. Learn what makes it profitable here. What’s the Average Income for a Home Care Agency? In 2021, Franchise Business Review found that senior care was the top franchise industry for income, outranking real estate, medical, personal, and business services. In addition, … Read more

Learn more about healthcare startups

Why Healthcare Startups Fail: Top 5 Reasons

According to Forbes, 90% of all startups fail. As for those in the healthcare and social assistance field, only about 57% make it past five years. Meanwhile, in the medical technology sector, upwards of 75% of U.S.-based, early-stage medtech companies never find success, according to TTi Health Research & Economics. Learn the top reasons why healthcare startups fail so … Read more

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