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Why Healthcare Startups Fail: Top 5 Reasons

According to Forbes, 90% of all startups fail. As for those in the healthcare and social assistance field, only about 57% make it past five years. Meanwhile, in the medical technology sector, upwards of 75% of U.S.-based, early-stage medtech companies never find success, according to TTi Health Research & Economics. Learn the top reasons why healthcare startups fail so … Read more

Assisted Living Business: What to Expect When Starting One

Thinking about starting an assisted living business? Get insights on profitability and what to expect when running a business in the assisted living space. Read more. What Can I Expect? An assisted living facility can be a massive undertaking. Consumer Affairs notes that, on average, assisted living facilities accommodate 27 to 33 patients. As an owner, you … Read more

Recession-Resistant Franchise: Four Signs to Look For

While you can’t control the economy, you can control what business you open. Recession-resistant franchises can thrive and adapt easier than other businesses during economic slumps. So, how do you find a franchise opportunity that is less volatile in a recession? Here are the signs you should look for that hint at a strong recession-resistant … Read more

How to Start a Home Health Agency: 6 Essential Steps

Did you know 10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65 between now and 2030, according to Senior Service Business? That means by 2030, there will be more than 70 million Americans, or 20% of the population, over 65. So, there is much potential for senior-focused business opportunities like home health care. Interested in starting a … Read more

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