CARE Track

Making great people successful owners

CARE Track was developed to assure the success of our franchisees. This verifies new franchisees that join our family truly fit the ‘We are CARE’ philosophy, prepares them to launch and grow their new business, and ultimately reach CARE Pro status.

We guarantee that if franchisees commit 100% to CARE Track then they will service a client in the first 60 days post launch or we waive the first 6 months of royalties. As of 2021, CARE Track has had a 95% success rate.

Are you CARE?

During the 4-step Discovery Phase, we explore if your values align with our ‘We are CARE’ philosophy. You should have an innate desire to network, build relationships within the community, grow the business, and take on competitors while constantly driving to greatness. We find out if A Place At Home is the right franchise for you through this process:

Step 1: Qualify

  • Introduction Call
  • Personal Review Form

Step 2: Explore

  • Brand Presentation
  • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) & SpotOn Profile Assessment
  • FDD & Territory Overview

Step 3: Validate

  • Financial Validation
  • Interview with an Executive
  • Franchisee Validation

Step 4: Discovery Day

  • Come to Omaha and join the team for an Executive Dinner
  • Launch-focused presentations, one-on-one interviews, tour of operating location
  • Potential territory awarded at the end of the visit
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CARE Launch

During the CARE Launch phase you are set up in a task management software to ensure you hit all necessary items to efficiently open your doors. The Director of Business Performance assists you with licensure as well to keep the process moving.

Next, franchisee’s complete CARE Sales, a virtual series of professionally produced training videos and quizzes that prepare you to successfully operate and market your new business. 

Once you complete CARE Sales, you attend a hands-on 40-hour training program at the flagship location in Omaha, Nebraska. You’ll experience A Place At Home in-action and interact with the staff to understand how the day-to-day business actually runs through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training. You will learn the ins and outs of procedures, operations, and marketing, including:

With a hands-on approach to learning, you will feel confident and are well-prepared to open the doors to your new business.

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CARE Coaching

After launching you aren’t left on your own. This is when weekly CARE Coaching commences. We understand how important it is to have someone to turn to when there are questions. These calls build on what was learned in CARE Sales and further mentors on CARE Operations which includes:

The relationship that is forged through this level of communication and support not only provides franchisees with the confidence that they can run their day to day operations, but also build a successful business that makes a difference in their community.

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We are CARE

At this stage in the process, franchisees begin building momentum and are living the ‘We are CARE’ philosophy. Benchmarks of hitting the ‘We are CARE’ stage include:

As an established senior care expert, local media outlets and other resources are leaning on you for information. You have learned how to utilize powerful tools like Home Care Pulse to provide an accurate picture of client and caregiver satisfaction month after month allowing the business to recognize areas that are strong and the areas that need improvement.

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At this final stage of A Place At Home’s proven process, franchisees achieve CARE Pro status. Qualifying for this milestone means:

Once franchisees qualify as a CARE Pro, they begin weekly development calls to take their business to the next level. Special projects may include but are not limited to:

This strategy aims to triple your revenue by the end of your first CARE Pro year.

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