How do you know what franchise is for you?

You have likely considered the idea of starting a business but didn’t want to take the risk. This is understandable as starting a new business is hard. This is why a franchise business is so appealing to most people. They have an existing business plan, product, and customers which reduces your risk. Here are tips … Read more

Finding Builders Not Buyers

Lets keep the emerging brand conversation going. Recently we wrote about the “5 Benefits of Joining an Emerging Brand”.  We got great feedback on it, so let’s keep that theme going. Today, we want to share with you a key characteristic that potential franchisees must possess when joining an emerging brand. In today’s franchise development … Read more

5 Benefits of Joining an Emerging Brand Franchise

When many people think of franchise opportunities, they think of huge, mega-brands. Another way to franchise for even greater success can be through an emerging franchise. Aspiring business owners should consider opening an emerging franchise. An emerging (growing, but not yet a household name) franchise offers many golden opportunities and huge advantages over a (typically expensive to … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving from A Place At Home

Happy Holidays from A Place At Home

The holiday season naturally inspires thoughts of family and friends. Ideally, the holidays offer each of us lots of quality time to relax and spend our days with those we love. The holidays are also a great time to reflect on the past year’s experiences, making plans for an even better future. A Place At … Read more

Veterans and Franchising – A Great Combination

As anyone who knows Omaha, directly to the southeast is the city of Bellevue, which is adjacent to Offutt Air Force Base. Offutt is the headquarters of US Strategic Command, the host station for the 55th Wing (the largest wing of the US Air Force) and the Air Force Weather Agency. It is fair to say … Read more

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