Franchising or Start Up? The 6 Benefits of Investing into a Franchise System

Road to Franchising – If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business you’re probably aware of what it takes to start-up and run a business. This can include not only the actual operation itself, but marketing, start-up costs, hiring, sourcing products or subcontracting services and more. With a start-up, you’re on your own and the decisions you reach can make… or break your business. Ever consider franchising?

Consider exploring the A Place at Home franchise opportunity in your area. We are an experienced senior care franchise that offers a proven method for success and plenty of support throughout the critical stages of starting and growing your business. With a A Place at Home Franchise, you’ll get a recognizable brand, and a family to turn to for advice or help.

A Place at Home Franchising Opportunities: 6 Benefits of Buying Into our Franchise System

Here are 6 key benefits of buying the A Place at Home franchise that can help you to hit the ground running

• A Proven Record of Success

Any good franchise has developed their business model, marketing, and systems. We will provide you with all of the information necessary to verify our results, through item 19 of the Franchise Disclosure Document, prior to continuing down our discovery process.

• A Developed Brand

One of the biggest advantages of franchising is that you are buying into a regionally or nationally developed brand providing built-in value. Although A Place at Home is an emerging brand we have been able to hit our current markets very successfully in a very short amount of time.

• Training Programs and Ongoing Support

Most offer training programs to get you up to speed and prepare you to run your business. Many also provide ongoing support if you hit a rough spot. A Place at Home is dedicated to your success that is why we provide 40 hours of in person training here in Omaha, NE and you will be visited within your first 90 days of operations and ongoing as a franchisee.

• Marketing Assistance

They also offer marketing assistance using proven tools and strategies to attract and retain business. Google us and see all the traction we are able to create utilizing current SEO strategies, and more.

• Real Estate and Construction Assistance

Many franchises have staff to help you find and negotiate the best possible deal for the right site. They may also provide help with the design and layout and can help you to find and hire the right contractors. The nice thing about A Place at Home is that there isn’t any build out all you need is a small executive suite to start as all of our services are in home care and outbound.

• Avoid The Risks of A Start-Up

The biggest reason to invest in a franchise is that it can help you to avoid the risks of starting a new business. With a recognizable brand, help starting your business, and a proven marketing plan your risks are significantly lower. Jerod and Dustin did it, and it was a painful 6 months filled with a lot of wrong turns and mistakes. They know senior care and can assist you, throughout your franchise career, make the most informed decisions.

In conclusion, If you’re considering a new business, want to give back to your community and make an earnest living take a look at the A Place at Home franchise opportunities available near you. We’re an affordable proven business system and with training, operational assistance and marketing, our franchise offers you the ability to start marketing your services the day you open your doors.

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